I am puff-breasted , proud-crested, Swollen-necked. I strut on one foot. I sport a fine head, high tail, Eyes, ears, back, beak, two sides. I ride a stiff nail, my perch above men. I twist in torment when the forest-shaker Whips and shoves; where I stand the storm Wind-waters roll, hail stones, Sleet shrouds, frost slips freezing, Snow drifts down. One-foot, hole-belly, I mark the seasons with a twist of fate, I cannot change. My stake is grim.

Exeter Riddle No.77 (Weather Vane)


Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon’ Viking, Norman and British Living History

Regia Anglorum was a term used by early English writers to describe the English state. It means 'The Kingdoms of the English'. In a twenty first century context Regia Anglorum is an international society with many independent local groups in the UK, from Scotland to the south coast. If you aren't local to Cestrefeld's area please visit the Regia Anglorum website to find your local group.